Ford F-150

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Ford 150 Punisher Points
Ford 150 Punisher Points

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Ford F-150
Ford 150 Punisher Points
Ford 150 Punisher Points

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Completely custom colour to get the look you want.
Make it yours and make a statement.

Punisher Specs

The following top-quality components
come standard with our packages.

Setup & Warranty


Northern Truck Designs come with a 3-year/60,000 KM warranty coverage


Exclusive package design with private company labeling


Northern Truck Designs trucks meet the federal motor vehicle safety standards


financing the package price into the payment

Additional upgrades

Make your truck unique and perfectly suited to you with high-end style and performance upgrades.

*Additional upgrades can be requested through your dealer

PUNISHER W/ 3” lift with 33” tires

Smooth Colour Matched Fender Flares (BODY-LINER)

Power Folding Side Steps

22” Wheels/Tire Upgrade

FIxed Black Hexagon Side Steps

Truck Hardware Nylon Offset Mud Flap Kit

BODY-LINER Standard Front End Protection Package (Bumper,Grille,Bumper filler)

BODY-LINER Standard Side Protection Package (Rocker to body line, Fender strip)

BODY-LINER Ultimate Protection Package (Bumper,Grille,Bumper filler, Hood/Fender front,Rocker to body line,Fender strip)

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