We answer your frequently asked questions:

No Unfortunately, all Northern Truck Designs exclusive packages are sold directly with the purchase of new qualifying vehicles from a respective NTD Dealer.

No all Northern Truck Designs Packages will hold normal factory warranty of the vehicle 3 year/ 60,000km.

Yes, the chosen package can be financed with the truck purchase.

“Exclusive Components” means that when buying a NTD package truck certain components you are getting are designed and made Exclusively for NTD for that package and can not be bought anywhere else.

Someone who is a very driven and talented individual could get close to replicating our trucks and maybe even save themselves a few bucks, yes. However, here is a shortlist of why our trucks are a huge advantage for our owners:

  • Each vehicle is painstakingly designed with Exclusive Components
  • Each vehicle is built to full FMVSS compliance
  • Our vehicles maintain the factory warranty
  • Our package costs can be financed with the truck purchase
  •  Your vehicle can be repaired at any respective dealer
  •  No vehicle downtime. Drive your vehicle off of the lot and enjoy the ride! No waiting on parts, service, or anything else. Time is money!

Looking for pricing? Contact your nearest dealer and speak with a representative about all the options.

Very easy! All replacement parts will be done with your respective dealer.

YES! If you are looking to get a NTD package truck and don’t see your dealer as a verified dealer then get them to contacts us through our website and we will get them signed up and get you your truck you always wanted.